Move Better. Perform better. Live better.

Move Better. Perform better. Live better.

Move Better. Perform better. Live better. Move Better. Perform better. Live better.


"Incredible, immediately noticeable benefits"

"Mary’s Power Yoga For Sports class is in a league of its own for two reasons. Reason number one: the incredible, immediately noticeable benefits. After one class - yes, just ONE - the flexibility in my hip flexors had significantly improved. I have been working on achieving a split and these classes are getting me there much faster. The yoga focuses on mobility and flexibility for athletes, but it would benefit people at any fitness level. Reason number two: Mary. She radiates positive energy and joy. She is absolutely one of those special people that lights up a room. She is deeply knowledgeable, attentive to the students - and charismatic to boot! It truly feels like a privilege to be taught by someone with such a passion for what she does, and such sincere care for her students. Everything we work on is tailored to our needs and requests as students. The class has very quickly become something I look forward to every week."

- Bethany Curtis

"Helped me in many ways as an athlete"

"Being able to do yoga, specifically Power Yoga for Sports, helped me in many ways as an athlete. Mary was able to open my hips, giving me more mobility, which translated to my stride and helped me be a better skater on my edges. The flexibility that I gained showed up in the gym during workouts as the movements I perform resulted in better technique, and just feeling better in them. Yoga not only helped those aspects of my performance related to my sport specifically, but also helped my mind and body relax. I could sleep better and just release the energy in other ways, which I found very beneficial when I am in the gym 5-6 days a week and skating several times a week. Mary was wonderful to work with, the sessions were specific to my body and how I reacted, as well as reached the goals that we had set at the beginning. She was dialed in to every session and was always asking how it felt or what I liked or did not like and adjusted as we went. Being able to do Power Yoga for Sports with Mary has not only helped me on the ice but also off. It has benefitted me in a tremendous way. Mary is an excellent teacher, takes it very seriously, but also has a ton of fun while doing it. I could really tell she has a major passion for it and is always eager to learn more and to share it with you." 

- Tad Kozun, Kansas City Mavericks

"Instant and amazing results"

"Until now, I didn't understand what a personal fitness coach could contribute to my life. I was discouraged with my fitness routines. They were ineffective and boring and I was not seeing the results I wanted. I reached out for help and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. Mary Reid is upbeat, encouraging and intelligent, and has a wealth of knowledge of body mechanics and the interplay between body and mind. Her expertise in matching specific exercise routines to body structures and personal goals provides instant and amazing results. For any fitness program to succeed, attention must be paid to motivation, resistance to change and other psychological barriers. It is here that Mary shines brightest. To me she has quickly become more than a fitness coach; she is a confidant, an understanding voice when needed most, and one of my biggest cheerleaders. I can't say enough about all I have gained while under her care and direction!"

    – Gwen Van Meter

"One of the best decisions I have made"

"After years of suffering from joint pain, tennis elbow, golf elbow, weight gain, and reduced mobility, I decided to get in better shape. I inquired about a personal trainer and it was one of the best decisions I have made! Mary Reid became my personal trainer and I feel so fortunate to have had her work with me. First and foremost, her positivity is infectious! She genuinely loves her work and the encouragement she gives helped me achieve the goals we set out to accomplish. Mary accurately assessed my needs and developed a personal program that really worked, improving my balance, strength, weight loss and self-esteem. We trained twice a week for three months, and boy did we see a difference in my physical abilities and in my determination to get in better condition! I became stronger, my muscles became more toned, and I lost weight. I was amazed that my chronic pain disappeared, and I experienced a great improvement in movement and balance. I am so grateful to have worked with Mary and to have her as my personal trainer. Her knowledge is extensive about exercise, strength training, physical fitness, yoga and physical and spiritual well-being. During our workouts she often related movement activity to everyday real life activity to help prevent injury (for example, lifting groceries, etc.) which was helpful. I appreciate her encouragement and how she tailored everything to my individual needs. I look forward to a continued fitness journey with Mary. Working with her as my trainer has improved my physical fitness and renewed my desire to continue to be active. It has given me a more positive outlook on being fit and a continued desire to make physical training part of my everyday world." 

   – Louanne Stenson  


"I have been taking Mary’s yoga classes for 4 years. These classes have been life-changing for my body, as well as my mind. I have more mobility than I have ever had in my life, and the body pains I experienced in the past are gone or can be managed. Mary has taught us to release the mind from ‘I can’t’ to ‘YES I CAN!’ She has also taught us to release tension with deep breathing. I used to be the person that didn’t believe this could help, but now I am the person that knows deep breathing really does work. As an instructor, Mary makes you feel very comfortable in class. She is quick to give suggestions that work for everyone’s body individually. She knows exactly what we all need when we come to class – she’s very intuitive! I have referred several people to Mary’s classes because I want people to experience what I have, and everyone has been very thankful for the experience." 

   – Shari Riemer

"How I take care of myself"

"I have nothing but good to say about ‘Mary's Yoga.’ That's what I call it. Not just yoga, but Mary's Yoga. Her class deserves its own title. I have been to other yoga classes, and there was nothing wrong with them, they just didn't leave a mark with me like Mary's has. Every body needs maintenance, like taking a car in for a wheel alignment, or mechanical inspection. I GO FOR YOGA! I go to feel better. I go to relax, to stretch, and to challenge myself. I go because Mary always has something new and totally different to try and it's exciting actually! Sometimes it's hard, but I love that about her class! From week to week I notice differences in my flexibility and strength. I have more muscle and feel way stronger than I used to, which is a huge bonus for me. I feel proud of myself after every session, especially during class if I can hold on or keep my balance a little longer. I have three children, a husband, a home, a business, even pets that I take care of, going to yoga is how I take care of myself. The only way I can describe how I feel after Mary's class is if I could have had a full body massage, combined with a full body workout! Mary Reid is smart, strong and her yoga abilities are inspiring. I am thankful to be able to attend her classes.  Just so amazingly good. A must try."

   – Monica Wismer

"Unreal changes"

"What I like about Mary Reid’s classes is that she always asks at the beginning of class what everyone is feeling at that particular time, and then teaches the class with moves that benefit the whole group. The changes I have experienced over the four years I have been taking her classes are unreal. The mobility and flexibility I have now are amazing. I know that if I wasn’t doing her classes, I would not have half the movement I experience now. Mary’s personality is so positive and she brings such good vibes to all her classes. Just a ray of sunshine. I especially love how much she knows about the human body, and always stresses that everybody’s body is so different, and gives the class moves for all stages of a certain yoga pose. She is just so knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend her classes." 

   – Wendy Olson

"My body and mind thank me"

"Mary is a very qualified instructor; she not only provides instruction on the pose but knows how the pose can improve your health. Every pose is explained, modifications are provided so it’s easy to follow and Mary offers continuous coaching throughout the practice. My body and mind thank me for participating in a yoga practice – even my chiropractor thanks me, even though my visits are a lot less frequent! My work involves many hours of sitting snuggled up to a computer. The yoga stretches keep me from suffering from lower back pain and the power moves keep my body strong and healthy – not to mention the feeling of a relaxed mind and mental calmness. I highly recommend yoga with Mary…you will be pleasantly surprised to find the many benefits of a yoga practice."

   – Brenda Peterson