Yoga for Athletes

Sport-Specific Yoga Training for Athletes

Are you an athlete or a coach looking to improve your or your team's performance and prevent injury? Whether you are a weekend warrior training for an event, a competitive athlete looking to take your game to the next level, or a coach looking to enhance your team's current training regimen, my sport-specific yoga training sessions will help:

- increase range of motion and flexibility 

- improve speed, agility and balance 

- balance strength and flexibility for greater power 

- reduce recovery time 

- prevent injuries 

- improve your mental game

Training sessions are sport-specific yoga sequences designed specifically for the movements and needs of each sport and, when appropriate, each position within that sport to improve range of motion, functional strength, body symmetry, breath control, accuracy of execution, power on the playing field, and recovery after games.

I am a certified yoga coach with ten years of teaching experience, and I work with athletes and coaches to help improve performance and prevent injuries for individual athletes and teams.

I work with you at your facility and give you yoga practices to complement your current training. No overhead fees, no unnecessary gimmicks. My training sessions are tailored specifically to your or your team's needs.

I look forward to working with you!

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