Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are available for individuals, couples, and small groups. Deepen your yoga practice, take your performance to the next level, prevent or recover from injuries, and reach your health, fitness and performance goals in sessions tailored to your unique needs. 

Power Yoga for Sports

This proven system, created by Gwen Lawrence and named by ESPN as "Best Innovation in Sports Medicine," is specific to each sport, each position, and each individual athlete. As a Power Yoga for Sports Senior Elite Master Coach, I help individual athletes and teams prevent injuries, stay healthy, and improve performance by balancing strength and flexibility, reducing the risk of injuries, lessening recovery time, and increasing speed, agility, and power. 

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are designed to enable each individual client to achieve their health and fitness goals, and go beyond what they imagined was possible. I help clients realize their own peak potential and achieve peak performance through challenging and mindful training sessions that empower people to reach their health, fitness and performance goals in order to move better, train better, and live better for longevity and sustainability in their body, sport and life. 

Yoga and Pilates Group Classes

I teach dynamic, core-focused classes that emphasize strength, alignment and function. My teaching methodology is rooted in functional biomechanics, with an emphasis on anatomical and energetic alignment and intelligent sequencing. I encourage students to develop mind and body awareness by offering challenging, powerful practices in which to explore perceived physical limits and move beyond them. 

Class Descriptions

Strength & Power (Intermediate Functional Flow)

This class focuses on the inner core unit and posterior chain muscles to target the deep abdominal wall and build a foundation for long-term strength and stability. When the deep core is strong and activated, balance improves and there is greater ease and efficiency of movement. A strong core can also prevent low back pain and other injuries that can often result from weak core and posterior chain muscles. 

Rise & Shine (Prana Vinyasa Flow)

Wake up and get moving. This dynamic, enlivening, and invigorating class is the perfect way to get going in the morning. You will leave class feeling energized, relaxed and focused for the day ahead. 

Functional Flow (All-levels Functional Flow)

Bring your mind and body into balance with this challenging, yet accessible functional flow class, in which you will discover your own unique anatomical alignment through movement rooted in functional biomechanics. 

Relax & Restore (Restorative Yoga)

This restorative yoga class is a great way to relax and unwind. Long deep holds of restorative yoga poses facilitate healing, rejuvenation, and deep rest in the mind, body and nervous system to promote health and wellbeing.

Warrior Flow (Power Yoga for Sports)

Weekend warriors and professional athletes alike will benefit from this challenging, dynamic, and powerful practice, designed specifically to balance strength and flexibility for greater power in your sport. This class will help you prevent injuries, reach and maintain peak performance for sustainability in your sport, and train the mind for greater focus and mental toughness. 

2020 Schedule + New Classes Coming Soon!

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